About GunZ

GunZ: The Duel can best be described as an action platforming third person shooter. While that is a mouthful, it does not even come close to capturing the essence of what makes GunZ a unique game, never before seen and never seen again (so far).

GunZ: The Duel was internationally released by MAIET Entertainment in 2005 and was hosted by several third parties until it’s closure in 2013. In 2016 the rights to GunZ was bought by Masangsoft Inc., but they have yet to release a new international version.

About Halfstep.net

This website is a source of information about GunZ: The Duel. It provides up to date information about official and unofficial GunZ news, as well as provides tutorials in text and video format.

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  • Hymnosi – GunZ fanboy, kinda sucks at it though