IGunZ Update

HELLOOOO everyone

We have a HOLIDAY SPECIAL EVENT for you guys! This year has been particularly tough on everyone, so we decided to end it off with a bit of reminiscing nostalgia. As you know, we have the one and only @[LGKeiz] LGPear on our team. You remember him as the owner of the most popular private server in history – LegacyGamers. It has been 11 long years since LegacyGamers shut down, however for a few weeks only, we will be bringing it back just in time for holidays.

Starting today we will be bringing back your nostalgic childhood experience with all the original LG content that you loved re-skinned over iGunZ!


– 25 original BGM songs, with the ability to change them on demand. (/nextsong, /prevsong)

– Original interface, with some cosmetic updates

– Original LG maps – Original item sets, with 0 bounty, 0 level requirement

– All narrated voices in-game by yours truly – @[LGKeiz] LGPear

And a lot more! Check it out in-game!

You can update via the launcher or download the latest installer from the website: https://igunz.net/

Check out – https://legacygamers.net/

Additional words from @[LGKeiz] LGPear : I missed you all so much! I hope you can come and play, and enjoy while the event is available for these short weeks, if this is successful, we will do this again in the future!

Posted on International GunZ Discord – https://discord.gg/wPanNa7

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