Official Servers

  • Masangsoft GunZ – Official Korean servers run by Masangsoft. Most up to date client, region locked to South Korea by KSSN.
  • Kaybo GunZ – Official Brazilian servers run by Kaybo. Not region locked, but requires Windows 7 to run. Not completely up to date as they are operating with an old license from MAIET and do not have Masangsoft support.

Unofficial English Servers

  • Eagle GunZ
  • Freestyle GunZ – Anti-Lead & Lead GunZ server with an international community. Online since 2007, with constant updates and new content added regularly up to this day.
  • GunZ 2034
  • Herogamers GunZ
  • International GunZ – Refined GunZ based server with anti-lead and lead game play. Currently entirely free to play with no premium items.
  • Oldschool GunZ – OldSchool GunZ is a 100% vanilla server with both Anti-Lead and Lead. Significant focus on improving quest mode.

Unofficial Non-English Servers